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a candle for my son!

Vasile Selaru
Writer and Journalist

Born: January 1 1958, Brasov, Romania


  • European Management Institute- Bucharest

Profession: journalist

Publishing Activity

  • 1980 - the author got into strife with the authorities of the communist totalitarian system. Under pressure, he was forced to assume a compulsory domicile. He had to choose among a few locations. Finally, he decided to go in Navodari town, Constanta county, Dobrodgea region. Here he develops his cultural knowledge by self-learning. He enjoys the friendship of some University professors and important culture people: writers and painters. In this time, he makes a lot of friends among the students of Philosophy, Philology and History College in Bucharest. And he is very interested by their curricula, their classes. A part of these students will be chiefs of the years.
  • 1983 - Founder of "Secvente Culturale" review - Navodari town, Constanta county
  • 1984 - Debut in "Flacara" review, under his pen-name Victor Petrini
  • 1984 - Debut in "Tomis" review, under his real name
  • 1985 - Debut in journalism in the county daily newspaper "Dobrogea Noua"
  • Till 1989 he published literary written passages in some important literary reviews: "Tomis", "Romania Literara", "Astra", etc. Because of his time spent in Dobrodgea - part of it at the Nuclear Station Cernavoda - he felt attracted to this region, but most of all of its people. The author is considering himself "a tomitan" - because of his literary debut in cultural "Tomis" review and because of his friendship with its editors and collaborators like Gabriel Rusu, Vladimir Balanica, Constantin Novac, Ovidiu Dunareanu ,Lucian Parvu, Gheorghe Carutiu (painter) and the group of the young writers from Navodari (some of them lost somewhere in time). The cultural "Tomis" review is published in Constanta city. The young critic and editor, Gabriel Rusu gave the author his vote of trust so he published three poems. In a special way, in 1989, he is enjoying the support of the managing editor of "Astra" review, the writer Daniel Dragan.
  • 1989 December. - The author participates at the publishing of the first uncensored printed matter in Brasov - "Libertatea". A little later, the publication will change its name in "Libertate cu Dreptate" - where he will be a permanent collaborator
  • 1990 - the new stuff of "Astra" review - in despite of politically changes - refused to hire him. He remained its collaborator ("Astra" is a culturally review published in Brasov).
  • 1990 - at a friend invitation, the author moves to Sweden. There he has been living for almost an year. In this time he finishes to write his first poetry book "Rebel at The East Pole" and the antinovel (a novel category unpublished till now in romanian literature) "Snake in The Grass" - will be published in 1997...
  • 1991 - founder member of the first private daily newspaper in Brasov - "Mesager".
  • 1992 - He is collaborating also at many other publications : "Dreptatea", "Express", "Zig-Zag", etc.
  • 1992 - employed as correspondent sub-editor at the most important national daily newspaper "Romania Libera"

Literary Activity

  • The Tome of Debut - 1991 - Rebel at the East Pole

  • The Romanians' Fortunes in America - journalistic - 1995 - Brasov: Arania

  • Testimonies from The Gethsemane - poems - 1995 - Brasov: Astra

  • Snake in The Grass - antinovel - 1997 - Bucharest: Globus

  • The Monks' Club - theatre - 1998 - Brasov: Orientul Latin

  • The Clay Spirit - poems - 1999 - Brasov: Orientul Latin

  • The Earth bears all of us - antinovel - 2000 - Brasov: Orientul Latin


  • 1995 - Member of Writers Union of Romania

Prizes and Awards

  • 1986 - "Andrei Muresanu" Award offered by the Writers Union of Romania

  • 1986 - Prize of "Romania Literara" review

  • 1991 - Writers Union of Romania Prize for poetry

  • 1995 - Romanian Journalists' Prize for journalism

  • 1997 - Writers Union of Romania Prize for prose

  • 1998 - Excellency Prize offered by "Mihai Eminescu" Cultural League


  • journalism and writing

Website: http://www.geocities.com/vasileselaru/english/index.html

E-mail: vasileselaru@yahoo.com

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