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a candle for my son!

Eugen Simion, President of the Romanian Academy

President of the Romanian Academy

Born: May 25, 1933, Chiojdeanca, Prahova County. Son of Dragomir and Sultana Simion.

Married to Adriana Manea (1957). One daughter


  • - "I.L.Caragiale" High School, Ploiesti

  • - 1957 - graduate of the Faculty of Philology, Bucharest University. Sudied with Tudor Vianu, Al. Rosetti and Iorgu Iordan as professors

  • 1969 - Ph.D.in philological sciences, with a thesis on Eugen Lovinescu, under Serban Cioculescu's coordination

Professional Activity

  • 1957-1962 - Researcher, Romanian Academy

  • 1962-1968 - Editor "Gazeta literara" (Literary Journal)

  • 1964-1971 - Assistant Lecturer at the Bucharest University, History of the Romanian Literature Department

  • 1970-1973 - Professor at Sorbonne University (Paris - IV)

  • 1971-1990 - University Lecturer, Bucharest University

  • Since 1990 - University Professor at the Faculty of Letters, Bucharest University

Critic and Literary Activity

  • Around 1960 - began to collaborate to "Gazeta Literară" (Literary Journal), "Contemporanul" (The Contemporary) and "Viata Românească" Romanian Life)

  • Since 1968 - weekly collaboration with "România Literară" (Literary Romania) and since 1991, with "Literatorul"

  • Since 1983 - editor at "Caiete Critice" (Critical Notebooks), a review of critics and literary information. Since 1990 director of "Caiete Critice"


  • 1991 - Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy

  • Since 1992 - Full Member of the Romanian Academy

  • 1994-1998 - Vice-President of the Romanian Academy

  • September 1997 - January 16, 1998 - President ad interim of the Romanian Academy

  • Since January 16, 1998 - President of the Romanian Academy

  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Universities in Iasi, Galati, Târgoviste and Arad

Publishing Activity

a) over 3000 studies and articles, published in specialized journals

b) 20 original books:

  • "Proza lui Eminescu" (Eminescu's Prose), 1964

  • "Orientări in literatura contemporană" (Trends in Contemporary Literature),

  • "Eugen Lovinescu, scepticul mântuit" (Eugen Lovinescu, the Redeemed Skeptic),
    1971 (second edition - 1994)

  • "Scriitori români de azi" I, (Romanian Writers of Nowadays), 1974 (second
    edition - 1978)

  • "Scriitori români de azi" II, 1977

  • "Timpul trăirii, timpul mărturisirii. Jurnal parizian"(Time to Live, Time to Confess.
    A Parisian Diary), 1977, (second edition - 1979, third edition - 1986), 1983 - 
    edition in Hungarian

  • "Dimineata poetilor" (Poets' Dawn), 1980, (second edition - 1995, third edition
     - 1998).

  • "Intoarcerea autorului" (Author's Return), 1961, (second edition - 1993)

  • "Scriitori români de azi" III, 1983

  • "Sfidarea retoricii" (Defying Rhetoric), 1986

  • "Scriitori români de azi", IV, 1989

  • "Moartea lui Mercutio" (Mercutio's Death), 1993

  • "Convorbiri cu Petru Dumitriu" (Talks with Petru Dumitriu), 1994

  • "Mircea Eliade, un spirit al amplitudinii (Mircea Eliade, a Spirit of Ampleness),

  • "Fragmente critice I. Scriitura publică, scriitura taciturnă" (Critical Fragments.
    Public Writing, Taciturn Writing), 1997

  • "Fragmente critice II. Demonul teoriei a obosit" (Critical Fragments. The Demon
    of Theory is Tired), "Scrisul Românesc" Foundation, Bucharest, 1998

  • "Fragmente critice" - III, "Scrisul Românesc" Foundation and Encyclopedic 
    Universe, Bucharest, 1999

  • "Fragmente critice" - IV, Encyclopedic Universe, Bucharest, 2000

c) Works translated into foreign languages: 

  • Élmények kora, vallom asok kora. Parizsi naplo, 1983
  • Imagination and Meaning. The Scholarly and Literary Worlds of Mircea Eliade
    (in collaboration). The Seasbury Press, New York, 1984
  • Die Mitte Der Aufszätze zu Mircea Eliade (in collaboration). Suhrkamp Verlag,
    Frankfurt, 1984
  • The Return of the Author. Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinois,
    1996, USA
  • Le Retour de l'Auteur. L'Ancrier Editeur. Strassbourg, 1996
  • "Mircea Eliade, Spirit of Amplitude" East European Monographs, USA, 2001

d) Editions, Introductory Studies. Anthologies

  • Mihai Eminescu: Proza literară (Literary Prose), 1994
  • Eugen Lovinescu: Scrieri (Works I-IX)
  • Mircea Eliade: Proza fantastică ( Fantastic Prose), I-III, 1993
  • Antologia criticilor români (Anthology of Romanian Critics), I-II
  • Mihai Eminescu: Proză (Prose), 1993, etc

e) Initiated and partly coordinated the fundamental projects of the Romanian Academy, such as "Dictionarul general al literaturii române" (The General Dictionary of Romanian Literature) (approx. 5 volumes), "Micul dictionar academic" (The Small Academic Dictionary), and "Dictionarul tezaur" (the Thesaurus Dictionary)

f) Coordinator of the "Fundamental Works" Collection, out of which the following have been published so far: Mihai Eminescu - Works, Ion Creangă - Works, Tudor Arghezi - Works, Ion Barbu - Works, Ion Luca Caragiale - Works


  • Member of the Romanian Writers Union

  • Since 1992 - Member of Academia Europaea

  • President of the National Council for the Certification of Diplomas and University Certificates.

  • Since 1999 - Member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldavia

  • President of the UNESCO Romanian National Committee for the World Decade of Cultural Development

Prizes, Titles and Awards

  • Prize of the Writers' Union (awarded five times)

  • Prize of the Romanian Academy in 1977

Contact Address

Romanian Academy, 125, Calea Victoriei, Sector 1, 71102 Bucharest 
Phone: +40-1-312.2760, Fax: +40-1-211.6608
E-mail: esimion@acad.ro 


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