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a candle for my son!

Mihaela Rodica Stanoiu, Minister of Justice (PSD)

Mihaela Rodica Stanoiu
Minister of Justice

Born on May 10,1939, Nucet, Dimbovita County

Married to Serban Viorel Stanoiu, University Lecturer, Ph.D., Attorney-at-law

Nationality: Romanian


  • 1946-1956 - Primary and Elementary School of Filiasi, Dolj County
  • 1952-1956 - "Carabella" High School of Tirgoviste
  • 1957-1961 - Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest
  • 1968-1969 - Specialization in Criminology, University of Montreal, Canada
  • 1974 - Defending the doctoral dissertation in International Criminal Law, Ph.D. Degree in Law
  • 1982 - International Faculty of Compared Law, University of Strasbourg, Diploma in Compared Law
  • 1993 - Training period with the Justice Federal Center, Washington, USA

Professional Career

  • 1961-1971 - Scientific Researcher, Juridical Research Institute, Bucharest
  • 1971-1990 - First Grade Scientific Researcher, Juridical Research Institute, Bucharest
  • 1990-2000 - First Grade Scientific Researcher, Head of the Public Law Department, Juridical Research Institute, Academy of Romania
  • 1995-1996 - State Secretary with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
  • 1996-2000 - Senator, President of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate of Romania

Didactic and Scientific Activity

  • Professor and researcher in the field of criminal law and criminology (Fields: Legal International
  • Assistance in criminal matters, International Offenses, Offenses against Peace and Humanity, Violence, Criminality Preventing, Human Rights, Child's Rights, Woman's rights)
  • Guest Professor at the International Faculty of Compared Law, Strasbourg (1985), Free University of Brussels (1985), University of Montreal (1988)

Political Activity

  • State Secretary with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
  • 1996-2000 - PDSR Vice President and Senator
  • 1996-2000 - President of Human Rights Commission, Senate
  • Member of the Permanent Delegation of Romania to the Council of Europe (APCE)
    • Member of the APCE Political Commission
    • President of the Sub-Commission for Near East
    • Member of the APCE Commission of Equality of Chances between Women and Men
  • Since December 2001 - Minister of Justice


  • President of the Romanian Society of Criminology
  • Vice President of Romanian Society of Criminal Law
  • Vice President of the International Society of French Speaking Criminologists
  • Member of the International Society of Social Defense
  • Member of the International Association of Criminal Law
  • Titular Member of the Academy of Scientists
  • Chief Editor of "Revue Roumaine de Sciences Juridiques"
  • Associated Editor with "Revue internationale de Criminologie et de Police Technique"


  • Author and co-author of 14 monographs, 130 studies, 30 reports in international congresses

Academic Degrees and Distinctions

  • "Simion Barnutiu" Award of the Romanian Academy, 1974
  • "Andrei Radulescu" Award of the Romanian Academy, 1994
  • "V.V.Stanciu" Award of the Union of Jurists of Romania, 1995
  • EuroAward of the Foundation "Romania, Next Generation", 1998
  • Nominated "Woman of the Year 1999" for Who's Who


  • Classic music, ballet, painting (impressionism), sport (gymnastics, skating, athleticism, rugby)

Foreign Languages

  • French, English


  • Private: Str.Carol Knappe no.7, Sector 1, Bucharest
  • Official: Ministry of Justice, 17, Apolodor St., Sector 5, Bucharest, Phone: +40-1-311.2266, Fax: +40-1-315.5389

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