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a candle for my son!

Octavian Stireanu, Journalist, Presidential Advisor

Octavian Stireanu
Presidential Adviser

Born: June 25, 1952 Costesti, Arges County

Married to Mariana Stireanu, two children, Raluca-Viviana and Caius-Octavian


  • 1970-1974 - Faculty of Mathematics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Diploma on "Informational Esthetics"
  • 1974-1975 - Specialization in Fluids Mechanics and Aerodynamics, head of series
  • 1976-1981 - Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Bucharest, Diploma on "Information and Power"
  • 1993 - NATO Scholarship, won through contest, to make a research on "NATO Enlargement in the public opinion perception and mass media role"

Professional Activity

  • During his student's life in Cluj-Napoca (1970-1975):

    • editor at the revue "Echinox"

    • editor for Students' Radio Studio "Gaudeamus"

    • editor-in-chief for the magazine "Napoca Universitara"

    • head of the Cluj-Napoca editorial team of the magazines "Viata Studenteasca" and "Amfiteatru"

    • contributor to the local and central press on universitary subjects

  • 1975-1979 - trainee mathematician at TLHS Bucharest
  • 1978-1985 - editor, "Viaţa studenteasca“ and "Amfiteatru“ Magazines
  • 1985-1990 - editor, head of department and deputy editor-in-chief at "Flacara“ Revue
  • 1991-2000 - President-General Director of  SC Cicera SA and publisher of "AZI“ Daily
  • Since December 2000 - Presidential Adviser

Political Activity

  • 1996-2000 - member of the Senate, Arges Ward
    • on behalf of Democratic Party (PD) till February 1, 1999, when he resigns
    • independent since February 1, 1999
    • Secretary of Senate Commission on Foreign Policy
  • Since May 2000 - PSD Executive Secretary for Image Matters
  • Since November 2000 - Member of the Chamber of Deputies, on behalf of PSD
  • Since December 2000 - Presidential Adviser, Presidency of Romania

Foreign Languages

  • French


  • Official: Phone: +40-1-411.2491, Fax: +40-1-410.4122, E-mail: politic@presidency.ro 
  • Private: 1, Thomas Maszaryk St., First Floor, Apt.1, Sector 2, Bucharest

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