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a candle for my son!

Adrian Toia
Project Manager, Western IQ SRL

Born: August 26, 1937, Romania

Nationality: Romanian


  • 1961 - M. SCI degree from the Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest, Romania
  • PhD candidate in economic cybernetics, Academy of Economic Sciences, Bucharest, Romania
  • Postgraduate Specialization in Romania and EU countries: system theory, databases, R&D management, science policy, R&D indicators


  • 1964-1992, 1996-1999 - Scientific Researcher, Senior Researcher (32 years)
    • Head of research laboratory and coordinator of more 175 research projects
  • 1971-1975,1991-1992 - Didactic activity in the Academy of Economic Sciences (mathematical modeling, systems design, management of the scientific research)
  • 1980-1989 - Project manager of Informatics Systems for Science and Technology in Romania
  • 1991-1992, 1995 -1997 - Didactic activity for the informatics and management problems and consultant of some R&D institutes and state or private companies
  • 1991-1992 - Director of Research Department "Strategy, Management and Modeling", ICEM, Bucharest
  • 1992 - Secretary of the Superior Council for Science, Advisory Board of the Department of Science
  • 1993 - Adviser to the Minister of Research and Technology, for R&D System Reform and Restructuring;
  • 1993-1995 - General Director of Science Policy, Management and Reform Department, Ministry of Research and Technology (MRT)
    • Representative of MRT in Steering Committee of World Bank project "Restructuring and reform of high education and science and technology system in Romania" (1993)
    • Chairman of UE Evaluation Committee of PHARE project no.9205 "Technical Assistance for the restructuring of the science and technology system in Romania" - phase 1 and phase 2(1993; 1995)
    • Romanian coordinator of PHARE project no.9205 "Technical assistance for the restructuring of the science and technology system in Romania" (1993-1995)
  • 1996 - Scientific Director SCIENTCONSULT SRL
  • 1997 - Scientific Director WESTERN I.Q. SRL
  • Since 1999 - Project Manager Science, Technology. Innovation Systems, Telework Center

Professional experience

  • analysis, design, implementation and development of managing systems at a macroeconomics and microeconomics level
  • design, implementation and development of National System for Science and Technology, subsystems and modules
  • science policy and management of R&D activity at a macro and microeconomics level
  • prospective studies , scientific and economic prognosis (models, packs of programs, works)
  • management and marketing in industrial production and innovation at a macroeconomics and microeconomics level
  • analysis of the economic efficiency of scientific research and industrial production
  • analysis and feasibility studies for industrial companies, new products and technologies
  • technical, economical, scientific data bases (technique and economic indicators, characteristics and parameters of the materials, products, technologies and equipments, information-documentation, etc.)
  • informatics for research (treatment of the experimental data, simulation, expert systems, graphics, etc)
  • R&D network and telework
  • information society
  • new economy

Publications (selective)

  • More than 75 scientific papers presented at national and international scientific conferences and symposia
  • More than 45 articles published in journals, reviews and volumes issued in Romania and abroad
  • Adrian Toia - Dynamics of Science and Technology System in Romania, in vol. Science and Technology Policy in Romania during the Transition Period to Market Economy (Proceedings of Romanian-American Workshop, sponsored by the International Research and Exchanges Board - IREX - pag.22-38 - Bucharest, Romania, July 1992);
  • Adrian Toia - Priorities of development and transforming Science and Technology System in Romania, (in Romanian) - in vol. Cercetarea ştiinţifică şi dezvoltarea tehnologică în condiţiile tranziţiei (pag.71-85). Analele Institutului Naţional de Cercetare Economica, Bucharest, Romania, 1992;
  • M. Petrescu, A. Toia, I. Popa, E. Stăicuţ - Research and Higher Education Network in Romania - Proceedings of NATO Advanced Networking Workshop, Budapest, October 1993;
  • N.Simionescu, Gh.Zaman, Adrian Toia, Steliana Sandu - Reform's Directions in Scientific Research and Technological Development activity in Romania (in Romanian) - INCE Annals, CIDE Bucharest, Romania, 1993
  • Adrian Toia, Rolanda Predescu, Irina Roman - The Present Status and the Main Directions of Structuring and Reform of the Science and Technology System in Romania - British Council Workshop, Bucharest, Romania, January 1994;
  • Adrian Toia, Steliana Sandu, Gheorghe Zaman, Anca Vochin, Ileana Ionescu Siseşti - Institutional Transformation of the Science System in Romania, European Association for the Study of Science and Technology Congress, Budapest, august 1994;
  • A. Toia, E. Stăicuţ, I. Popa, G. Macri - Romanian National Computer Network for research and development (RNC), Proceedings ROSE '94;
  • Adrian Toia - Teleworking - Problems and Challenges, Telework '94, Berlin, November 1994;
  • Adrian Toia, Irina Roman - The Main Guidelines of R&D Institutional System. NATO Workshop - Athens, November 1994 in vol. Science Policy and Research Management in the Balkan Countries - Kluwer Academic Publishers 1995, pag.79-98 NATO ASI Series;
  • Adrian Toia - Key Issues of R&D System in the Transition Countries - the case of Romania. Workshop "Learning and Competence - Innovative Paths in R&D Organizations", Rome, June 1995;
  • Ana Vochin, Adrian Toia, Steliana Sandu, Gheorghe Zaman, Ileana Ionescu Siseşti - Dynamic Changes in the Romanian Research and Development System, in vol. Transformation mittel und ost-europische wissenschaft systeme (p.977-1044), Leske +Budrisch, OPLANDEN 1995;
  • E. Stăicuţ, I. Popa, G. Macri, A. Toia - Romanian National Computer Network for Research and Higher Education,. Proceedings INET'95 - Hawaii, august 1995;
  • Adrian Toia - Information Society - key-objective of science policy in Romania, International Workshop, Poiana-Brasov, Romania, November 1995;
  • Adrian Toia - Romania's R&D Policy and its Commitment to the Informational Society Paradigms. "Global Information Society - Development of the New Virtual Enterprises" Telework '95, Rome, November 1995;
  • E. Stăicuţ, G. Macri, A. Toia - RNC project - Bringing European and International Research Network access to Romanian users, Proceedings JENC7, Budapest, may 1996
  • Adrian Toia - The Romanian Science and Technology System - progress after 1994, EASST/4S Conference, Bielefeld, Germany, October 1996
  • Adrian Toia - The company research - a key level of the innovation development model, (in Romanian), Science and Society nr.3-4/1996, pag.5-27, INID, Bucharest, Romania
  • Adrian Toia - Telework - a new direction of research and action in science, economy and society, (in Romanian), Science and Society nr.1/1997, page 5-52, INID, Bucharest, Romania
  • Adrian Toia - Research market - old controversy under new conditions, NATO Workshop, "Science and technology management", Sinaia, Romania, may 1997
  • Adrian Toia -"The place and role of Science and Technology in the innovation development model", (in Romanian) - Science and Society nr.1/1998, pag.5-43, INID, Bucharest, Romania
  • Adrian Toia - "Research market : old controversy under new conditions", "Science and technology management",- NATO Science series 4 : Science and Technology Policy, pag.136-150, IOS Press 1998, Netherlands
  • Adrian Toia - Telework - from project to implementation, The Proceedings of the fourth International Symposium for Information Technology, page. 356-364, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania, may 1999
  • Adrian Toia - Innovation, Technology Transfer and Competitive Advantage, International Workshop "Problems and opportunities of Technology Transfer", Bucharest, Romania, June 1999
  • Adrian Toia - Telework status in Romania, Status Report of European Telework, European Commission, Directorate General Information Society, Brussels, September 1999
  • Adrian Toia - Telework in Romania, "Telework - Labour Market, Health and well-being" Workshop, Dublin, November 1999
  • Adrian Toia - Innovation development model, (in Romanian), National Scientific Workshop - ASE, Bucharest, 12 may 2000
  • Adrian Toia - Innovation development model, (in Romanian), în vol. "Economic growth in Romania" pag.519-530, Ed. Economica, Bucharest 2000
  • Adrian Toia -New economy – economic, social, scientific and tehnological problems, (in Romanian), Economia 2000, pag. 287 - 296 Editura ASE, Bucharest
  • Adrian Toia -New methods of work in new economy , (in Romanian), Economia 2000, Information Society, pag.219 - 227, Editura ASE, Bucharest
  • Adrian Toia - Main principles of Indicators system for evaluation and monitoring gaps among Romania, UE countries and candidates countries, (in Romanian), Economia 2000, pag. 280 - 286, Editura ASE, Bucharest


  • Founding Member of the Commission for the Science Policy of Romanian Academy
  • 1991-1993 - President of the Patronal Association of the Romanian R&D Institutes
  • Member of Steering Council of National Strategy for integration in UE (1995)
  • Member of Consultative Council for R&D (1994 - 1996)
  • Chairman and member of Commission of Policy Science, Economy, Management and History of Science of Consultative Council for R&D (1994 -)
  • Member of EASST (European Association for Studies in Science and Technology (1994 - )
  • Member of National Strategic Board for Romanian R&D Network (1992-1997)
  • Coordinator of the Romanian R&D Network project (1993-1995)
  • Member of CEE-Net Management Committee - Central and East European Countries Networking Association (1994-1995)
  • Representative for Romania in CoA RARE (1993-1994)
  • Representative for Romania in TERENA General Assembly - Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (1994-1995);
  • Member of ECTF - European Community Telework Forum (1996 - )
  • Member of Information Society Forum from Romanian Academy (1997 - )

Foreign Languages

  • English, French


  • Private: 9, Tincani, Bloc E-32, ap.49, 77348 Bucharest-66, ROMANIA, Phone: +40-21-413.6567, Fax: +40-21-315.0385, E-mail: atoia@rnc.ro
  • Office: Phone: +40-21-745.8436, Fax: +40-21-312.4125, E-mail: atoia@rnc.ro

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