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a candle for my son!

Andrei Tugulea, General Secretary of the Romanian Academy

Andrei Tugulea
Member of the Romanian Academy

Born: 19 August 1928, Untesti

Married (1955) to Tatiana Tugulea, linguist. Two boys, a grand daughter and a grand son

Religion: Orthodox


  • 1951 - Graduate of Electrotechnics at Polytechnic University of Bucharest (PUB)
  • 1958 - Doctor Engineer at PUB, Bucharest
  • 1974 - Doctor Docent (Higher scientific degree in Romania) at PUB

Professional degrees

  • 1951-1968 - Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrotechnics (PUB)
  • Since 1968 - Full professor at the Faculty of Electrotechnics of PUB, in charge of the Theoretical Electrotechnics and Physics courses

Scientific titles

  • 1991 - Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy
  • Since 1999 - Full Member of the Romanian Academy
  • Since 1991 - IEEE member

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Head of the Electrotechnics Chair of PUB (1974-1976; 1984-1990)
  • Dean of the Faculty of Electrotechnics (1976-1984)
  • Head of the Science Department in the Ministry of Education and Science
  • Secretary of State and member of the Romanian Government (1990-1991)
  • Director of the Department of Engineering sciences in foreign languages (English, French, German) of PUB - 1995
  • Secretary General of Romanian Academy - 1999-2002

Political responsibilities

  • Senator, Member of the Senatorial Commission for Education and Science (1992-1996)

Scientific Activity

More than one hundred scientific papers covering the following areas

  • Static and stationary electromagnetic fields
  • Quasi-stationary electromagnetic fields in conducting media (Skin effect, Eddy-currents)
  • General theory of electric circuits with transient parameters
  • Application of the thermodynamics of the irreversible processes to the transport processes in semiconductor media
  • Microwave analysis of planar structures
  • General theory of power under non sinusoidal and non symmetric conditions
  • General theory of the quality of physical and technical processes

Foreign languages

  • French, English, Italian, Russian

The health state

  • height: 1,70 m
  • weight: 60 Kg
  • blood pressure: 130-75 mm Hg
  • pulse rate: 75-85


  • Classical music, painting collection, literature and theatre, cooking


E-mail: andrei@acad.ro

Tel/Fax: +40-1-312 2759


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