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a candle for my son!

Roman Vlad
Composer, pianist, musicologist
Artistic Director of "Scala" of Milan

Born: December 29, 1919, Cernauti

Citizenship: emigrated in Italy in 1938 and received the Italian citizenship in 1941


  • graduate of the Conservatory of Cernauti, diploma for piano forte

  • 1942 graduate of the University of Rome

  • special course at Academia "Santa Cecilia", Rome, with Alfredo Cassella


  • 1955-1958 - Artistic director of Roman Philharmonic Academy
  • 1958-1962 - Associate manager of the musical section of the Encyclopedia of Show
  • 1960 - President of the Italian Society of Contemporary Music
  • 1966-1969 - Artistic director of Roman Philharmonic Academy
  • adviser and collaborator of the Third Program RAI
  • 1964 - the Musical May to Florence
  • From 1967 - associate manager of the New Italian Musical Review
  • 1968-1972 - Artistic Director of the Communal Theatre of Florence
  • 1973-1989 - Artistic Director of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Italian Radio Broadcasting and Television Company of Turin
  • 1973-1992 - President of the Aquilana Concerts Society
  • Supervisor of the Theatre of the Work of Rome

Musical Composition

  • works composed in various styles and techniques, with the imprint of all accumulations and trends of the twentieth century, like the Dodecaphonic Studies for piano (1942) to the total serialism and passing, after 1960, to aleatory or electronic music.
  • Selections

1943 Studi dodecafonici, per pianoforte (rev.1953)
1950 5 Elegie per voce e orchestra d'archi
1951 Storia di una mamma, per voce, solo, coro e orchestra
1952 5 Elegie per voce e pianoforte
1957 Meloritmi, per archi
1961 Il dottore di vetro, opera (da Quinault)
1961 Ricercare elettronico
1966 Cadenze mechelangiolesche, per voce e orchestra
1968 Divertimento sinfonico, per orchestra
1968 Il gabbiamo, balletto (da Cechov)
1984 Tetraktys, per quartetto d'archi
  Le ciel est vide, cantata
  De profundis, cantata
  Dove sei Elaim?, cantata
  La fontana, opera
  Il Magico flauto di Severino, variazioni mozartiane per flauto e pianoforte
  3 Liriche di Montale, per soprano e pianoforte
  Pezzo per chitarra e orchestra da camera
  Il sogno, opera
  Variazioni concertanti sopra una serie di 12 note dal Don Giovanni di Mozart


  • 1990-1994 - president of the C.i.s.a.c. (Confédération Internationale DES Auteurs ET Compositeurs). It makes still part of the board of directors of the same C.i.s.a.c.

  • Since 1991 - member of the Koninlijke Academie voor Wetenschappen, Letteren en Schone Kunsten of Belgium
  • 1987-1993 - President of the S.i.a.e. (Italian Society of Authors and Editors)
  • 1994- January 1996 - Extraordinary Commissioner of the S.i.a.e. (Italian Society of Authors and Editors)
  • Member of the Managing committee of the National Academy of Cecilia Saint

  • Artistic Adviser of the Ravenna Festival, the Festival September Music and the Musical Festival of Ravello

Prizes, Orders and Distinctions

  • 1942 - Prize ENESCU for Sinfonietta
  • 1950 - Silver Tape for his cinematographic compositions
  • 1974 - Honorary title of Doctor in Music of the National University of Ireland in Dublin.
  • Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres de l' Académie des Arts et des Lettres de France



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